Lithium trams is maintaining 90% growth in 2014

by / Saturday, 15 March 2014 / Published in [GUEWER NEWS]

In 2013, China, electric bicycle production was expected to more than 35 million vehicles, in which lithium trams would account more than 7.5%, industry sources say, the rate of lithium replacing lead-acid would speed up in the electric bike market in the future, and lithium trams production in 2014 was expected to remain 90% growth. Lithium trams output multiplied in recent years. The yield of 2012 was about 1.675 million vehicles, future was bright, Mccall, the lead analyst about lithium, said China lithium trams output would reach 3 million units was expected ,up 80% from a year earlier, achieving 90% growth was possible in 2014.
To lithium trams production last year, Liu Yanlong, the secretary-general of China chemical and physical power industry association, gave a conservative estimate, it said, the number of lithium trams would over 2.5 million. In Zhejiang province electric survey, we found the price of lithium battery pack is 1000 RMB, which was more than lead-acid, but the circulation service life is about 1.5 years longer than lead-acid battery. Briefly, if the lithium trams sales to 3 million in 2013, it will shoring up the demand about 3 billion RMB. The research predicted then that, in couple years, the dosage of lithium ion battery in China lithium trams market would thrive with a 90%-100% annual growth rate, until to 2016,to complete the course of replacing lead-acid.

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